With Eric Dover at Manhattan Beach

At The Whiskey Room, Nashville with Kenny Olson

"Magic Man" at SoundCheck Live 6/8/16

Lucienne Thomas (Vocals) Steve Fekete (Acoustic Guitar) CJ Tywoniak(Guitar) Dre Demura (Guitar 2) Eliot Lorango (Bass) Steve Ferlazzo(Keyboards) Joseph Larsen (Drums).  

"Lithium" at SoundCheck Live 6/8/16

Winter Rae (Vocals) CJ Tywoniak (Guitar) Eliot Lorango (Bass) Joseph Larsen(Drums) Steve Ferlazzo (Musical Director)

Rock Medley 2016

Joseph shows his chops with a medley of Bret Michaels tunes.

"Desire" with Gene Loves Jezebel

House of Blues, Los Angeles 8/24/12 

"Heartache" with Gene Loves Jezebel

"You Shook Me All Night Long" with Sin City Sinners

Cover of AC/DC's classic, "You Shook Me All Night Long" 

"Running with the Devil" with Sin City Sinners

"Once Bitten Twice Shy" with Mark Kendall

"Red Rooster" with Mark Kendall

"Clandestine" - Sean Austin at the Rock n Roll Autograph Show

Joseph Larsen on Drums

"Consequence" with Sean Austin at the Rock n Roll Autograph Show

"Lady Red Light" with Mark Kendall of Great White